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We are a pediatric clinic in Central San Jose providing occupational therapy services to children with a wide range of diagnoses and needs.

We are proud to partner with a local non-public school, meeting all of the occupational therapy needs for the students at the Morgan Autism Center. In addition, we provide services to homeschool students through Connecting Waters Charter School and Ocean Grove Charter School.

The Team

“Aaron is an amazing occupational therapist. My son has been going to Aaron for OT sessions for close to two years now, and in that time, he has shown great progress. Aaron is not only exceptional at what he does, he also connects really well with the kids and engages them and makes the sessions so much fun.”

— Padma V.

“MacKenzie truly believes in the potential of her clients. She exudes warmth and patience. MacKenzie is willing to take the extra time to communicate with parents and caregivers to assure that the work she is doing in the school setting translates to the home or classroom environment.”

— Daren T.

“Margarita and Aaron are two of the best therapists we have ever had… And we’ve known many! They both love what they do and it shows. They are loving, gentle, patient and do an impeccable job encouraging independence.”

— Lisa K.


The giraffe has the largest heart of any land mammal (even larger than the elephant). Due to its great height, it has an amazing capacity for perspective-taking, which allows it to see the “big picture” and make wise decisions. It is a gentle, kind and likable animal. It is a symbol of empathy, compassion, mindfulness, playfulness and presence. These values and qualities form the very foundation of our clinic.


Here at Laughing Giraffe Therapy, we believe…

  • Authentic relationship and deep connection between therapist and child are the most powerful treatment tools available.
  • Play is of paramount importance to the processes of learning and development.
  • Movement/physical activity supports overall wellness; including benefits to physical health, stress management, self-regulation and brain development/maintenance.
  • A nutrient-dense diet and deep, restful sleep are crucial to overall health and development.
  • Children (and adults) benefit enormously from more time connected to nature and less screen time (this is a general statement; we acknowledge that augmentative and alternative communication devices and tablets are powerful and, in many cases, essential tools for certain people).
  • Effective therapy is science-informed and evidence-based.
  • Family involvement and professional collaboration contribute significantly to a successful treatment plan.
  • Helping children develop mindfulness and emotional intelligence is one of the greatest gifts we can offer them.
  • Children need to feel safe, powerful, heard and understood.
  • Children need to have choice about what happens to them.
  • Parents need support and benefit from practicing regular self-care.
  • Homework is overrated.

giraffeOur Partners

Peninsula Associates

Peninsula Associates has been providing elite speech therapy services to the greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1978. They have offices in San Mateo, Menlo Park, Santa Cruz, and San Jose. Their San Jose office is located near Laughing Giraffe Therapy, allowing them to offer direct speech therapy services to the surrounding community.

Peninsula Associates performs all of their own scheduling. To inquire about receiving speech therapy services, please call Jose Barajas, Office Manager, at 650.709.9780 or email him at office@paspeech.com.

To learn more about Peninsula Associates, click here.

Morgan Autism Center

The Morgan Autism Center is a non-public school that has served the greater South Bay Area and surrounding areas as a provider of individualized educational services for students with Autism since 1969.

Laughing Giraffe Therapy has a long-standing relationship with the Morgan Autism Center and is proud to provide all occupational therapy services to its students.

To learn more about the Morgan Autism Center, click here.
Morgan Autism Center

Aaron and child